Paperless Recorder

6 universal signal channels

900000 historical records

4-inch high definition color LCD screen

High speed USB export interface

24 VDC Output

LCD Chart Recorder

12-channel universal signal input

6  alarm relay output

8 M industrial record paper

RS485 communication interface

standard Modbus RTU protocol

Large capacity USB storage interface

Rich text operation interface, easy to use

Temperature and Humidity transmitter

Wall mounted type, built-in / remote probe

Bracket / thread / flange installation mode

304 stainless steel sensor probe

Highlight digital real time display

Current / voltage transmitting output

RS485 Modbus RTU protocol

Analog Input Tansmit Module

Industrial circuit design, high precision low temperature drift, strong anti-interference
Multi channel acquisition of current, voltage, thermal resistance and thermocouple
485 input, current and voltage output
Isolated RS485 communication interface, standard Modbus / RTU protocol
Standard din35 rail mounting, support multi module stack
The software is simple and practical